On Urban

Photo: Patrick BarronSo Urban Meyer just announced his retirement from Ohio State.Good news, Michigan fans?Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 6 time(s)Tags/Keywords: ohio state urban meyer Added On: 2018-12-05 [Read entire story]

Joy Comes in the Morning

Photo: Patrick BarronI was hoping a few days would be enough of time. Enough time for clarity, perspective, meaning.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game wrap ohio state Added On: 2018-11-28 [Read entire story]

Sad Points

“Yay we finally scored!” Photo: Patrick BarronMichigan’s 2018 defense has been dominant. The numbers don’t lie.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: don brown maryland nebraska penn state smu stats analysis western michigan wisconsin Added On: 2018-11-06 [Read entire story]

Michigan at Michigan State 2018 Photos

If you’re a Michigan fan on Twitter, please check out my list of Michigan photographers.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 5 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game photos michigan state Added On: 2018-10-24 [Read entire story]

Inside Michigans College Gameday History

Of course by now you’ve heard. ESPN’s College Gameday “is comin’ to our citaaaay”. .demo border:1px solid #C0C0C0; border-collapse:collapse; padding:5px; .demo th border:1px solid #C0C0C0; padding:5px; background:#F0F0F0; .demo td border:1px solid #C0C0C0; padding:5px; Truth be told, I can’t stand that song but I do embrace what it represents. Its the price you pay for getting to enjoy college football’s most lucrative and obnoxious hype machine … [Read entire story]

A Necessary Victory

Photo: Eric UpchurchThis was a really good game. I don’t know how else to put it.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: warinner game wrap khaleke hudson maryland offensive line quinn nordin Added On: 2018-10-08 [Read entire story]

Preview Michigan at Northwestern 2018

Kickoff time: 4:30 ESTRyan Field – Evanston, IlMichigan -14.5, O/U 48 Northwestern lost to Akron. The Wildcats…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game preview northwestern Added On: 2018-10-01 [Read entire story]

Are You Not Entertained

Image: BlockhamsI’m going to do my best here to give an accurate and descriptive account of what happened yesterday.That was a total beat down.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: devin bush donovan peoples jones game wrap jim harbaugh karan higdon nebraska Added On: 2018-09-24 [Read entire story]

Glad Thats Over

All Photos: Patrick BarronYesterday was a weird one. It’s hard to explain, but….Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: donovan peoples jones game wrap jim mcelwain josh metellus smu will hart Added On: 2018-09-17 [Read entire story]

Michigan vs Notre Dame 2018 Photos

You may follow a number of talented Michigan sports photographers on Twitter. I follow them all. One of them, Patrick Barron, does some shooting for us (and some writing too).Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game photos notre dame Added On: 2018-09-04 [Read entire story]

Michigan 2018 Preview Lets Talk About the Offense

Photo: Patrick BarronPreviously: 2018 Best Case/Worst Case*denotes redshirt burnedProjected starter in boldReturning starter in italicsQuarterbacksGone: Wilton Speight (xfer), John O’KornReturning: Brandon Peters (So*), Dylan McCaffrey (Fr*)Incoming: Shea Patterson (Jr-xfer), Joe MiltonIn 2017, Michigan as team threw for 2,226 yards and 9 touchdowns with a 53.5% completion percentage.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 18 time(s)Tags/Keywords: 2018 preview brandon peters donovan peoples jones warinner jim harbaugh karan higdon shea patterson tarik black Added On: 2018-08-01 [Read entire story]

Michigan Drops Outback Bowl to South Carolina

Michigan had the Outback Bowl in their hands, up 16-3 in the 3rd quarter, driving in the redzone looking to up by 7 more. Then Karan Higdon fumbled the ball at the 4 yard line and South Carolina took over.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 31 time(s)Tags/Keywords: outback bowl south carolina Added On: 2018-01-02 [Read entire story]


Photo: Patrick BarronI dunno man.This Outback Bowl was the perfect end to this season…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 27 time(s)Tags/Keywords: 2018 jim harbaugh offseason fluff outback bowl south carolina Added On: 2018-01-04 [Read entire story]

Chase Winovich to Return for Senior Year

Photo: Patrick BarronTo help brighten your Wednesday…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 30 time(s)Tags/Keywords: 2018 chase winovich Added On: 2018-01-04 [Read entire story]

Breaks Over

Melanie Maxwell, MLiveIt’s easy to overreact. Don’t.The 2nd half…well the 3rd quarter really, was pretty ugly for the Wolverines. Michigan scored quickly and a lot in the 2nd quarter.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 5 time(s)Tags/Keywords: brandon peters game wrap greg mattison karan higdon maryland maurice hurst Added On: 2017-11-13 [Read entire story]

Have Jug Will Celebrate

Just some LBJ celebration photos from our two photographers in this game, Patrick Barron and Paul Sherman. Enjoy!(Click photos to embiggen)Barron:Sherman:Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 30 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game photos little brown jug minnesota Added On: 2017-11-06 [Read entire story]

Gopher Moon

Patrick BarronNovember 4th was a full moon, which we obviously couldn’t see through the foggy drizzle. The November full moon is more commonly referred to as the “Beaver Moon”.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 8 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game wrap jim harbaugh khaleke hudson little brown jug minnesota Added On: 2017-11-06 [Read entire story]

Happy Rutgers Photos

Homecoming on the Michigan sidelines is a special day. Lots going on, and with the events on the field, well, Patrick had himself a day with the camera…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 10 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game photos rutgers Added On: 2017-10-30 [Read entire story]

Let Me Live That Fantasy

Patrick BarronJim Harbaugh, post-game press conference:He really acquitted himself well. Moved the football team. Played very, very well.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 9 time(s)Tags/Keywords: brandon peters chase winovich game wrap greg frey karan higdon rutgers Added On: 2017-10-30 [Read entire story]

Welcome to Wherever You Are

Patrick BarronWhat can I say? I saw the game…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 13 time(s)Tags/Keywords: brandon peters don brown jim harbaugh john okorn penn state Added On: 2017-10-23 [Read entire story]

Sad Penn State Photos

A huge thanks to Patrick Barron for not only traveling to State College, PA from his home in Wisconsin, but his willingness to shoot this game for us in the first place.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 31 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game photos penn state Added On: 2017-10-23 [Read entire story]

I Want To Believe

Mike Mulholland, MLIVEIt’s easy to look at Karan Higdon’s stat line, 25 carries for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, and feel good about things. It’s easy to look at the line going into this game (UM -7) and think “Hey, we covered on the road!”Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 4 time(s)Tags/Keywords: game wrap indiana john okorn karan higdon Added On: 2017-10-16 [Read entire story]

Because Paul Finebaum Exists

Photo: Patrick BarronThere’s a vague percentage of Michigan fans out there…let’s say 5% that live in this world for one reason and one reason only: To bitch about Michigan football.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: espn jim harbaugh michigan state ohio urban meyer Added On: 2017-10-11 [Read entire story]

Proof of Life

Photo: Patrick BarronAll week long, I kept thinking we were going to know some things after this game. Through the first 3 weeks of the season, Michigan has been sort of getting by with talent and coaching…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: devin bush don brown game wrap john okorn purdue [Read entire story]

Mr Brightside

There are a couple ways to look at this game, this team, and the direction things are going.I’m an optimist by default, especially when it comes to Michigan football.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 25 time(s)Tags/Keywords: air force game wrap Added On: 2017-09-20 [Read entire story]

Even Flow

Mike Mulholland, MLiveSo this game was strange.The final score doesn’t necessarily reflect the feeling this game had.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: cincinnati game wrap isaac tyree kinnel Added On: 2017-09-11 [Read entire story]

Best Worst and Most Realistic Outcomes for 2017

Photo: Patrick BarronPreviously:So Let’s Talk About the OffenseSo Let’s Talk About the DefenseFall camp is in full swing and lots of juicy tidbits are beginning to surface from the submarine.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 8 time(s)Tags/Keywords: 2017 preview florida gators jim harbaugh ohio state penn wilton speight Added On: 2017-08-12 [Read entire story]

So Lets Talk About the Offense

Photo: Patrick BarronPreviously: So Let’s Talk About the DefenseLike on defense, Michigan has some holes to fill offensively.Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 5 time(s)Tags/Keywords: 2017 preview brandon peters chris evans jim harbaugh karan higdon offensive line isaac wilton speight Added On: 2017-07-28 [Read entire story]

So Lets Talk About the Defense

Photo: Paul ShermanSo…Florida.I’ve been thinking of ways I could jump back into posting (semi) regular content around here and aside from the …Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 22 time(s)Tags/Keywords: don brown florida gators greg mattison jim harbaugh offseason fluff Added On: 2017-07-12 [Read entire story]

Thanks to Red

The only thing that is constant is change.For 33 years, the Michigan hockey program was under the fabled stewardship of one of the greatest collegiate hockey…Added by: bmuck77Viewed: 3 time(s)Tags/Keywords: michigan hockey red berenson Added On: 2017-04-12 [Read entire story]

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