Winter Meetings Day 1 Yankees Mets involved in potential three-team blockbuster

We’ve descended upon Las Vegas for the Major League Baseball winter meetings, the epicenter of baseball news and rumors this week.Added by: joeeeViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: noah syndergaard yankees mets Added On: 2018-12-11 [Read entire story]

Alex Smiths shattered leg is a huge reason why LeVeon Bell made his controversial gamble

Even $14.5 million for one season wasn’t worth the risk of potentially losing as much as $45 million in guaranteed money in March.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Alex_Smith Pittsburgh_Steelers veon bell the Added On: 2018-11-19 [Read entire story]

Drew Brees Michael Thomas halt possible Saints collapse and end Rams undefeated season

The New Orleans Saints seemed like they were in quicksand for most of an anxious second half. But, as he has done so many times, Drew Brees rescued them.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Drew_Brees New_Orleans_Saints the michael thomas Added On: 2018-11-05 [Read entire story]

Dodgers give Clayton Kershaw two extra days to ponder 70 million decision

Baseball fans will have to wait a little longer to learn of Clayton Kershaw’s free agent status. The Los Angeles Dodgers announced they’ve agreed to extend the deadline for Kershaw’s opt-out decision until Friday afternoon, giving their ace an extra 40 hours to weigh his options.Added by: joeeeViewed: 7 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Clayton_Kershaw Los_Angeles_Dodgers the Added On: 2018-11-01 [Read entire story]

Red Sox claim 2018 World Series

The Boston Red Sox completed one of the greatest seasons in baseball history Sunday night, dispatching the Los Angeles Dodgers in the same fashion they did the Houston Astros, New York Yankees and all comers in 2018.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox Houston_Astros Los_Angeles_Dodgers New_York_Yankees Added On: 2018-10-29 [Read entire story]

Dodgers unravel after more 2-out magic from the Red Sox

During the inning that undid Game 2 of the World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers looked in control. This is how the Boston Red Sox operate, of course.Added by: joeeeViewed: 4 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox David_Price Los_Angeles_Dodgers the Added On: 2018-10-25 [Read entire story]

Red Sox knock out Clayton Kershaw in victory over Dodgers

Game 1 of the World Series lasted 3 hours, 52 minutes, featured 12 pitchers and 24 position players, totaled 308 pitches and included more strikeouts (24) than hits (19).Added by: joeeeViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox Los_Angeles_Dodgers world series eduardo nunez Added On: 2018-10-24 [Read entire story]

Red Sox were warned by Indians about Astros attempting to steal signs and information

The Boston Red Sox were warned that a man credentialed by the Houston Astros might try to steal signs or…Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox Houston_Astros Added On: 2018-10-17 [Read entire story]

Aaron Rodgers made three unbelievable throws to give the Packers a win over 49ers

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ career is done, a YouTube compilation of his prettiest passes might take an hour. Maybe more.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Aaron_Rodgers Green_Bay_Packers quarterback Added On: 2018-10-16 [Read entire story]

Yankees-Red Sox will play in postseason series for first time since classic 2004 comeback

Fourteen years later, the greatest comeback in sports history finally gets its sequel.Added by: joeeeViewed: 14 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox New_York_Yankees the liam hendriks luis severino Added On: 2018-10-04 [Read entire story]

ALDS Game 4 Red Sox survive vs Yankees advance to ALCS

Yankee Stadium, asleep for eight innings, resigned to what seemed like the inevitability of the Boston Red Sox coming into the Bronx and ending the New York Yankees’ season, awoke in the ninth inning. Runners were everywhere.Added by: joeeeViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox New_York_Yankees Added On: 2018-10-10 [Read entire story]

NL wild card Rockies outlast Cubs in extras will play Brewers in NLDS

Despair mutated into euphoria, and euphoria settled into nervousness, and nervousness morphed back into despair, and by the time the emotional madness of the longest win-or-go-home game in baseball history ended, those crammed into Wrigley Field could only feel resignation.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Chicago_Cubs Cleveland_Indians Colorado_Rockies Milwaukee_Brewers the Added On: 2018-10-03 [Read entire story]

Titans Rishard Matthews part ways WR was unhappy with playing time

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews asked to be released from the team Wednesday because he was unhappy with his playing time, A to Z Sports reports.Added by: joeeeViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: NFL Tennessee_Titans rishard matthews Added On: 2018-09-27 [Read entire story]

With big Week 1 performance Chiefs Patrick Mahomes hints at his special ability

Sure, the Los Angeles Chargers didn’t have elite pass rusher Joey Bosa on Sunday. But they still have a very good defense with a deep and talented secondary.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: los angeles chargers patrick mahomes philip rivers Added On: 2018-09-10 [Read entire story]

Mike Scioscias time to gracefully leave Angels will come just not today

There are people who choose their life’s companion with less conviction than Scioscia will send a runner on a 3-and-2 count.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Los_Angeles_Angels Mike_Scioscia New_York_Yankees Added On: 2018-08-06 [Read entire story]

American League wins 2018 All-Star Game behind Astros extra-inning heroics

Major League Baseball’s best players descended upon Nationals Park in Washington D.C. for the 2018 All-Star Game. When the dust settled, it was the reigning World Series champion Houston Astros who stole the spotlight.Added by: joeeeViewed: 11 time(s)Tags/Keywords: All-Star_Game major league baseball the 2018 houston astrosr alex bregman Added On: 2018-07-18 [Read entire story]

MLB suspends Papa Slam promotion with Papa Johns after founders racial slur

Major League Baseball has indefinitely suspended its Papa Slam promotion with Papa John’s pizza, Yahoo Sports has confirmed.Added by: joeeeViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: major league baseball papa john Added On: 2018-07-12 [Read entire story]

The Yankees are trying to make a push to acquire Manny Machado

Baltimore Orioles shortstop Manny Machado might be wearing pinstripes sooner than expected. The New York Yankees aren’t content to sign Machado during the offseason, the team reportedly is trying to get him right now.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Baltimore_Orioles New_York_Yankees manny machado the Added On: 2018-07-10 [Read entire story]

Former Green Bay running back Ahman Green sentenced to probation after fight with his daughter

Former NFL running back Ahman Green was found guilty of disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property after entering a plea in court on Thursday in Wisconsin, and was sentenced to 18 months on probation.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: ahman green bay Added On: 2018-04-20 [Read entire story]

Giancarlo Stanton hears boos while striking out 5 times in Yankee Stadium debut

Well, this didn’t go as planned.Added by: joeeeViewed: 8 time(s)Tags/Keywords: MLB giancarlo stanton yankee Added On: 2018-04-04 [Read entire story]

Former All-Star Albert Belle arrested on indecent exposure DUI and extreme DUI

Former Major League Baseball star Albert Belle has reportedly been arrested on numerous counts in Arizona, according to Matt Rodewald of Fox 10 Phoenix.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: major league baseball matt rodewald albert belle Added On: 2018-03-26 [Read entire story]

JD Martinez The 110M man the Red Sox needed to compete with the Yankees

For all the drama and posturing that this offseason has given us, the courtship between J.D. Martinez and the Boston Red Sox often seemed more complicated than it needed to be.Added by: joeeeViewed: 13 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox martinez the Added On: 2018-02-20 [Read entire story]

Catch or no catch Eagles Zach Ertz scores go-ahead TD in Super Bowl on controversial replay

Catch? No catch? It’s been the question of the season on the field in the in the NFL.Added by: joeeeViewed: 12 time(s)Tags/Keywords: England Philadelphia_Eagles zach ertz the new patriots Added On: 2018-02-05 [Read entire story]

Coming to terms with Chief Wahoo the Indians and history

I’m not sure where my Chief Wahoo hat is these days. Probably at the bottom of a bin in the basement that overflows with Little League snapbacks, promotional giveaways from the ballpark, third-place prizes from trivia night.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Cleveland_Indians MLB Added On: 2018-01-30 [Read entire story]

Hall of Fame adds four Chipper Jones Jim Thome Vladimir Guerrero Trevor Hoffman

The call every baseball player dreams about came Wednesday for four men. Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero and Trevor Hoffman, baseball greats already, were told that they’re the next to join the game’s most exclusive fraternity — the Hall of Fame.Added by: joeeeViewed: 10 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Chipper_Jones Trevor_Hoffman Vladimir_Guerrero jim thome Added On: 2018-01-25 [Read entire story]

Whats the excuse for failure to spot concussion on Texans QB Tom Savage

The NFL’s concussion protocol failed again Sunday. And this time it was both obvious and frightening.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: San_Francisco_49ers texans quarterback tom savage defensive end elvis dumervil Added On: 2017-12-11 [Read entire story]

49ers win means the Browns are our last chance for 0-16

Coming into Sunday’s games it appeared we had two entries in the 0-16 race, with the caveat that the San Francisco 49ers had a decent shot to get off the schneid against the New York Giants this week.Added by: joeeeViewed: 24 time(s)Tags/Keywords: New_York_Giants San_Francisco_49ers back matt breida beathardafter Added On: 2017-11-13 [Read entire story]

Astros win Game 7 over Dodgers to claim first World Series

In the middle innings of Game 7 of the World Series, as Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw carved through the Houston Astros lineup, one question emerged from the smoke of the ash pit that was the game’s first hour: Why wasn’t he doing this in the innings that lost the Dodgers [Read entire story]

World Series Game 6 Dodgers dig in to even series with 3-1 win

Of course the 113th World Series is going to a seventh game. As if anything else would have sufficed in this wild, action-packed series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros.Added by: joeeeViewed: 10 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Chicago_Cubs Cleveland_Indians Houston_Astros Justin_Verlander Los_Angeles_Dodgers joc pederson Added On: 2017-11-01 [Read entire story]

Among Colin Kaepernick’s targets in grievance vs NFL President Donald Trump

A digital needle in a haystack of communication is what Colin Kaepernick will be looking for when – or if – the former quarterback’s legal team gets the discovery it has requested in a grievance filed against the NFL.Added by: joeeeViewed: 11 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Baltimore_Ravens Dallas_Cowboys England NFL Seattle_Seahawks Tennessee_Titans colin kaepernick new patriots the Added On: 2017-10-30 [Read entire story]

World Series Game 5 Astros defeat Dodgers 13-12 in instant classic

For 5 hours, 17 minutes, for 417 pitches, for all of the topsy-turvy action baseball could pack into 10 innings, the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers traded…Added by: joeeeViewed: 6 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Derek_Fisher Houston_Astros Los_Angeles_Dodgers alex bregman kenley jansen Added On: 2017-10-30 [Read entire story]

World Series Game 1 Clayton Kershaw shuts down Astros

Justin Turner stood in the seventh inning Tuesday night in the heart of a pitcher’s duel, Game 1 of the World Series having fallen heavy for the left arms of Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel.Added by: joeeeViewed: 3 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Clayton_Kershaw justin turner dallas keuchel world series Added On: 2017-10-25 [Read entire story]

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