84 million and no offense Kirk Cousins and Vikings nearly get shut out by Seahawks

The Minnesota Vikings made the NFC championship game last season with a great defense. But they also had some offense.Added by: tomCViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Minnesota_Vikings the kirk cousins Added On: 2018-12-11 [Read entire story]

Bears defense has another throwback performance as they obliterate the Rams

At the end of the 1985 season, the Los Angeles Rams came to cold Solider Field for the NFC championship game. They couldn’t move the ball, got shut out and the Bears went to the Super Bowl.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Chicago_Bears Super_Bowl los angeles rams nfc linebacker khalil mack Added On: 2018-12-10 [Read entire story]

Heres how Patrick Mahomes addressed the Chiefs in wake of Kareem Hunt scandal

Hours before the Kansas City Chiefs boarded a flight to Oakland on Saturday, coach Andy Reid stood in front of the entire squad — 50-plus men — in a meeting room at the team’s practice facility and delivered a message.Added by: tomCViewed: 12 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Kansas_City_Chiefs patrick mahomes kareem hunt Added [Read entire story]

Steelers entirely melt down in second half blow a huge lead to lose to Chargers

Blame the refs if you want, but the Pittsburgh Steelers’ collapse on Sunday night was much more than that.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Pittsburgh_Steelers the los angeles chargers wide receiver keenan allen Added On: 2018-12-03 [Read entire story]

Packers latest loss to Vikings all but ends their season but how do they fix their problems

This is a strange situation: Aaron Rodgers will be playing in December, but only for show.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Aaron_Rodgers Green_Bay_Packers Added On: 2018-11-26 [Read entire story]

NFL takes rare step of creating all-star officiating crew for Rams-Chiefs

NFL fans aren’t the only ones looking forward to Monday night’s Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Rams matchup, which pits the teams with the best record in the league (both 9-1) against one another.Added by: tomCViewed: 18 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Kansas_City_Chiefs NFL -los angeles rams Added On: 2018-11-19 [Read entire story]

Ben Roethlisberger posts perfect passer rating in Steelers blowout of Panthers

Ben Roethlisberger didn’t even need all 60 minutes to wreck the Carolina Panthers.Added by: tomCViewed: 13 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Ben_Roethlisberger Carolina_Panthers Added On: 2018-11-09 [Read entire story]

NFL trade deadline winners and losers What are Packers Jaguars doing

Tuesday was not your typical NFL trade deadline day.Added by: tomCViewed: 9 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Jacksonville_Jaguars NFL dante fowler Added On: 2018-10-31 [Read entire story]

Crucial drop costs Seahawks a chance at unlikely comeback win

Sometimes, the toughest passes to catch are the ones that hit you right in the hands. Not very often, but sometimes.Added by: tomCViewed: 20 time(s)Tags/Keywords: los angeles chargers sweezy russell wilson Added On: 2018-11-05 [Read entire story]

Raiders hit rock bottom in loss to 49ers and Jon Grudens contract looks like a lemon

Before the season, Jon Gruden said of his 10-year, $100 million deal “If I can’t get it done, I’m not going to take their money.”Added by: tomCViewed: 15 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Oakland_Raiders owner mark davis jon gruden Added On: 2018-11-02 [Read entire story]

Brady-Mahomes I was everything we could have wanted

Brady-Mahomes I was an instant classic.Added by: tomCViewed: 6 time(s)Tags/Keywords: England Kansas_City_Chiefs Tom_Brady patrick mahomes new Added On: 2018-10-15 [Read entire story]

Odell Beckham Jr left for locker room early due to dehydration says Giants Pat Shurmur

The sight of Odell Beckham Jr. leaving the field and toward the locker room as he shook his head on Thursday night, before the first half was even over, might not help the tension surrounding him and the New York Giants. Added by: tomCViewed: 3 time(s)Tags/Keywords: New_York_Giants odell beckham pat shurmur Added On: 2018-10-12 [Read entire story]

Document shows untrained third party overruled controversial targeting call in Pac-12 game

On the final play of the third quarter of Washington State’s game at USC on Sept. 21, Trojan quarterback JT Daniels scrambled and ducked to a knee.Added by: tomCViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: daniels washington state logan tago usc quarterback Added On: 2018-10-11 [Read entire story]

Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones take shots at each other over Cowboys offense

Dez Bryant wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys again, but the Cowboys don’t want him.Added by: tomCViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Dallas_Cowboys Jerry_Jones dez bryant Added On: 2018-10-10 [Read entire story]

Drew Brees sets NFL all-time passing record and he might put that record out of reach

When Peyton Manning broke the NFL’s all-time passing yardage record in 2015, it was awkward.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Drew_Brees NFL Peyton_Manning Added On: 2018-10-09 [Read entire story]

Patrick Mahomes teammates are in awe too Everything he does is amazing

Sure, the Kansas City Chiefs have seen Patrick Mahomes go with a left-handed pass … in practice.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Kansas_City_Chiefs the patrick mahomes Added On: 2018-10-02 [Read entire story]

Vikings once-proud defense disappears in tough shootout loss to Rams

If you could have known Kirk Cousins would play as well as he has most of this season, you’d have thought the Minnesota Vikings would enter October as runaway Super Bowl favorites.Added by: tomCViewed: 19 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Minnesota_Vikings robert woods anthony barr Added On: 2018-09-28 [Read entire story]

Jason Witten blasts left-wing roughing the passer approach as Bucs Steelers tie record penalty tally

At least the calls weren’t dramatic game changers this time.Added by: tomCViewed: 18 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Pittsburgh_Steelers Tampa_Bay_Buccaneers jason witten Added On: 2018-09-25 [Read entire story]

One giant leap from Josh Allen helped erase week from hell for Bills

Josh Allen took off without warning, gracefully galloping through wide-open space, determined to collect extra yardage.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Buffalo_Bills josh allen los angeles chargers the Added On: 2018-09-24 [Read entire story]

Baker Mayfield has a day well remember for a long long time in amazing Browns win

In 1992, Don Majkowski sprained his ankle against the Cincinnati Bengals. In came a young quarterback who flew by the seat of his pants but made things happen.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Cincinnati_Bengals Cleveland_Browns Green_Bay_Packers quarterback baker mayfield Added On: 2018-09-21 [Read entire story]

Seahawks look like a team in serious decline in a bad Monday night loss at Chicago

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, here’s something that’ll scare you: Close your eyes, and imagine the Seattle Seahawks without Russell Wilson.Added by: tomCViewed: 3 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Seattle_Seahawks russell wilson mike davis Added On: 2018-09-18 [Read entire story]

NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers That is why the Vikings paid Kirk Cousins

When the Minnesota Vikings moved on from Case Keenum, after his very good 2017 season, it was risky. The easy path for the Vikings would have been sticking with the status quo.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Minnesota_Vikings case keenum kirk cousins Added On: 2018-09-17 [Read entire story]

Aaron Rodgers on ragged left leg leads Green Bay to miracle win from 20-point deficit

Aaron Rodgers. That is all.Added by: tomCViewed: 11 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Aaron_Rodgers Chicago_Bears green bay Added On: 2018-09-10 [Read entire story]

Urban Meyers loyalty may prove to be his downfall

Smith joined Meyer at the University of Florida, where he was a grad assistant and quality control coach. It was there, though, that Smith ran into his first wave of public trouble.Added by: tomCViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Urban_Meyer ohio state Added On: 2018-08-03 [Read entire story]

Dak Prescott gets called out by Raiders linebacker after being critical of player protests

The Dallas Cowboys don’t play the Oakland Raiders this season and that’s probably for the best. After what transpired Saturday, there could have been some bad blood between the two teams if they faced off in 2018.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Dallas_Cowboys Oakland_Raiders the dak prescott Added On: 2018-07-30 [Read entire story]

No 1 pick Baker Mayfield signs with Browns for reported 327M guaranteed

The Cleveland Browns announced on Tuesday that they have signed No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield.Added by: tomCViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Cleveland_Browns NFL the baker mayfield Added On: 2018-07-25 [Read entire story]

Former Pro Bowl CB Brandon Browner arrested after police chase on litany of charges including kidnapping

Former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner was arrested Sunday following a chase in Azusa, Calif., according to a report from NBC Los Angeles. Per the report, Browner was wanted for kidnapping, false imprisonment, burglary, grand theft auto and violation of a restraining order.Added by: tomCViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Seattle_Seahawks brandon browner Added On: 2018-07-09 [Read entire story]

This is the NFLs punishment for trying to appease President Trump

The Philadelphia Eagles won’t visit the White House Tuesday for the traditional Super Bowl champion ceremony because too few players were willing, available or interested in attending. And one thing we know about Donald Trump, crowd size matters.Added by: tomCViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Philadelphia_Eagles Super_Bowl the quarterback carson wentz nick foles Added On: 2018-06-05 [Read entire story]

Josh Rosen blasts QB rankings ahead of NFL draft

If you expected Josh Rosen to keep his mouth shut during an interview on NFL Network, then you just don’t know Josh Rosen.Added by: tomCViewed: 16 time(s)Tags/Keywords: NFL josh rosen ucla Added On: 2018-04-25 [Read entire story]

Shaquem Griffin will likely have long wait before name is called at NFL draft

The best pick of the NFL draft will sit around Thursday night and watch all the other players here get selected before him.Added by: tomCViewed: 10 time(s)Tags/Keywords: NFL draft shaquem griffin mason rudolph wyoming josh allen Added On: 2018-04-26 [Read entire story]

2018 NFL schedule Eagles-Falcons kick things off as full slate is announced

When Major League Baseball, the NBA or NHL release their schedules, only the hardcore fans take note. NFL schedule release day seems like a holiday in comparison.Added by: tomCViewed: 14 time(s)Tags/Keywords: NBA NHL Philadelphia_Eagles major league baseball zach ertz Added On: 2018-04-20 [Read entire story]

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory is planning to resume his NFL career

It’s become a sports cliche for evaluating NFL at this point, but the greatest ability being availability is true.Added by: tomCViewed: 4 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Dallas_Cowboys Detroit_Lions NFL randy gregory Added On: 2018-03-29 [Read entire story]

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