Australian Open 2012

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The Richest Tennis Players Of All Time

The game of tennis has been blessed with a lot of talented players. However, some of these players have become big names in terms of performances and how much they earn. Many people might already know that Tennis players make a lot of money from the number of games they play. Well, that might [Read entire story]

Australian Open Sunday 29 Jan 2012

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2012 Summer Olympics

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Can Novak Djokovic Win Another Wimbledon – US Open Double

Novak Djokovic entered Wimbledon this year having not won a tournament in a year. Now he could be on the verge of sweeping the two biggest titles in tennis. Djokovic cemented his return to the top of the tennis world with his unexpected victory at Wimbledon in July, edging Rafael Nadal in an epic five-set …Added by: manfredwenasViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: featured columns latest news lead story novak djokovic open wimbledon Added On: 2018-09-07 [Read entire story]

Can Roger Federer sweep the Sunshine Double again this year

Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, has shattered so many records when he won the Rotterdam title a week ago. At 36, he became the oldest world number one, erasing the record set by Andre Agassi who achieved the feat at 33 years of age. It goes without saying that the … Added by: tennisviewerViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: atp tennis feature news roger federer Added On: 2018-02-27 [Read entire story]

4 Steps to Getting a Tennis Scholarship

If you are looking at getting a tennis scholarship in the USA or another country, there are a few things you should consider first. Getting a tennis scholarship can guarantee you a place at some of the most well-known and outstanding universities for a much lower price. You don’t have to lose your chance at … [Read entire story]

Top 5 Tennis Betting Mistakes You Must Steer Clear Of

Once you master a few tennis betting strategies you might feel like betting on every single match. However, it’s often seen that people start betting irresponsibly and aggressively, or using dirty techniques, sometimes even altering their strategies significantly. Although you can make use of various Tennis free betting offers to test the waters first, taking …Added [Read entire story]

Where were you september 11th

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Women In Sports

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Can Nadal Double Up Down Under

Rafael Nadal finished the 2017 season as ATP world number one after an astonishing return to form throughout the year. But with a break before the 2018 Australian Open, can he continue to amaze by claiming the one Grand Slam that he has notably underachieved at? In his remarkable 16 victories in tennis’ four [Read entire story]

peRFect Tennis Blog ::

Article by Sports Blogs :: Tennis Daily Entries. Read entire story here. ::

Article by Sports Blogs :: Tennis Daily Entries. Read entire story here.

In Your Face Tennis ::

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Tennis Panorama News ::

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ATP Mens Tennis ::

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Youth Is Served

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Tennis Guru ::

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Not-So-Grand Exit

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Going Nowhere But Up

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Arthur Ashe

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Pete sampras/ Andre agassi

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Serena Williams

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2014 Best Epic Funny Sports Fails

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Greetings SportsViews Friends

Greetings: One and All So sorry I haven’t been on for awhile but due to this issue to where SportsViews kept me off for some odd reason I wasn’t able to post or repond to many posts. So please forgive me for I will try to return as long as I am allowed to. Luv and missed you all. Jeannine (Nean)Added by: neanViewed: 634 time(s)Tags/Keywords: greetings sportsviews friends Added On: 2014-08-13 [Read entire story]

In Your Face Tennis :: A Playing Tactic For Matchplay

The sneak attack, is one of the best tactics for matchplay, that any competitive tennis player can develop. It’s a tactic that can be used during points,when your opponent, give you a slow or high return. To make it work … Continue reading → The post A Playing Tactic For … [Read entire story]

Funny moments in tennis

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Nadal verse Federer

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Venus williams verse Serena Williams

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ATP Mens Tennis :: ATP Houston Order of Play Wednesday April 12th 2017

ATP Houston Order of Play Wednesday April 1… [Read entire story]

Roger Federer Faces Golden Opportunity at US Open

With defending champion Rafael Nadal announcing Monday that he was withdrawing from the 2014 U.S. Open due to a wrist injury, Roger Federer now appears to have his best shot at winning a Grand Slam title since his Wimbledon triumph in 2012.Added by: MWSportsFansViewed: 375 time(s)Tags/Keywords: analysis tennis mens novak djokovic rafael nadal roger federer open Added On: 2014-08-25 [Read entire story]

ATP Mens Tennis :: Video: Thursday Indian Wells 2017 Highlights

Video: Thursday Indian Wells 2017 Highlights [Read entire story]

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