Covers Media Group at ICE North America

We came. We saw. We conquered. Covers Media Group was proud to sponsor, speak and exhibit at ICE North America in Boston last month. It gave us the opportunity to meet up with old and new friends alike in the sports betting community, especially in a post-PASPA world. Coming right off the heels of our participation with the April Betting on Sports America conference in New York, the ICE conference, … [Read entire story]

Winter Meetings Day 1 Yankees Mets involved in potential three-team blockbuster

We’ve descended upon Las Vegas for the Major League Baseball winter meetings, the epicenter of baseball news and rumors this week.Added by: joeeeViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: noah syndergaard yankees mets Added On: 2018-12-11 [Read entire story]

“You Could Look It Up”

With baseball’s hot stove heated up, with fans of the game getting antsy about what their favorite teams will do, here are a few nick-names and expressions starting with “W” for you to enjoy. As Casey Stengel was fond of saying: “You could look it up.” Here are a few starting with “W.” THE WALKING … Added by: PeteSchillerViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: baseball featured general historical harvey frommer joe [Read entire story]

Is Pedroia Among The Red Sox Greatest?

Yes No Added by: 58FanAdded On: 2018-11-15 11:07:13 [Read entire story]

Shoeless Joe Remains a Scapegoat

With the recent announcement of a new class of inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the skeletons in the closet come front and center once again. Pete Rose and and “Shoeless Joe” are becoming baseball’s odd couple – both ineligible for the Hall of Fame because of a lifetime ban, two of just … Added by: PeteSchillerViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: central baseball featured general historical reflections the white sox [Read entire story]

This is an under/over: How many total (since he started) challenges will "myyankee" have placed by the end of 2018?

Under 9,000 Over 9,000 Exactly 9,000 Added by: yankswingameAdded On: 2018-11-13 18:51:49 [Read entire story]

Pro Maple Composite Wood Hybrid L180 Bat by AXE A Review

This year I used the L180 Pro Maple Composite wood AXE bat in my league’s wood bat games (a third of our games – hopefully more in 2019). In previous years I have used a Mattingly V-grip Ash and Maple bats, and Akadema Ash and even a ProXR ergonomic bat that also has an axe-like … Added by: PeteSchillerViewed: 3 time(s)Tags/Keywords: baseball featured [Read entire story]

The Not So Amazin’ Mets

The first run they ever scored came on a balk. They lost the first nine games they ever played. Rumor has it they picked the name of the best pitcher (Tom Seaver) in their history out of a hat on April Fools’ Day. Added by: PeteSchillerViewed: 1 time(s)Tags/Keywords: baseball featured east reflections the mets amazin major league mlb new york richie [Read entire story]

Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball

On July 16, 1889, Joseph Jefferson Wofford Jackson was born into a poor family in Greenville, South Carolina. He never learned to read or write. By the time he was six years old, he worked as a cleanup boy in the cotton mills. By age 13, he labored amidst the din and dust a dozen … [Read entire story]

2018 League Division Series

As we inch towards the 2018 Fall Classic, we have already experienced historic events! Before we could even get to the Wild Card games, the National League gave us something to talk about … not one, but two teams tied for first place in the Central and West divisions causing a game 163 for … [Read entire story]

How Far the Game Has Come

With apologies to the great poet Robert Frost, the game was ours before we were the game’s. And the game goes on decade after decade and now into the 2018 baseball post-season it still continues as part of the fabric of American culture. Much, however, has changed in the national pastime as a look … [Read entire story]

Dodgers give Clayton Kershaw two extra days to ponder 70 million decision

Baseball fans will have to wait a little longer to learn of Clayton Kershaw’s free agent status. The Los Angeles Dodgers announced they’ve agreed to extend the deadline for Kershaw’s opt-out decision until Friday afternoon, giving their ace an extra 40 hours to weigh his options.Added by: joeeeViewed: 7 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Clayton_Kershaw Los_Angeles_Dodgers the Added On: 2018-11-01 [Read entire story]

San Francisco Giants legend Willie McCovey dies at 80

San Francisco Giants legend and Hall of Fame first baseman Willie McCovey died on Wednesday.Added by: sam77Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: San_Francisco_Giants willie mccovey Added On: 2018-11-01 [Read entire story]

Red Sox Flashback The First World Championship

With the Sox on the cusp of winning another World Series, with fans all over New England savoring the time, a look back to 1912 provides a marvelous historical treat. Business in Boston virtually shut down on September 23,1912 as 100‚000 cheered the Red Sox returning from a western trip by train into South Station. … Added by: PeteSchillerViewed: 3 time(s)Tags/Keywords: east baseball featured general playoffs reflections the red sox world series 1912 author boston christy mathewson fenway park harvey frommer joe wood major league mlb [Read entire story]

The Greatest Baseball Team –Ever

There is always the debate among baseball aficionados, experts, fans – -what was the greatest baseball team of all time?Added by: PeteSchillerViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: baseball book reviews featured Added On: 2018-10-29 [Read entire story]

Red Sox claim 2018 World Series

The Boston Red Sox completed one of the greatest seasons in baseball history Sunday night, dispatching the Los Angeles Dodgers in the same fashion they did the Houston Astros, New York Yankees and all comers in 2018.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox Houston_Astros Los_Angeles_Dodgers New_York_Yankees Added On: 2018-10-29 [Read entire story]

Dodgers unravel after more 2-out magic from the Red Sox

During the inning that undid Game 2 of the World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers looked in control. This is how the Boston Red Sox operate, of course.Added by: joeeeViewed: 4 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox David_Price Los_Angeles_Dodgers the Added On: 2018-10-25 [Read entire story]

What Made the 1918 Red Sox-Cubs World Series Weird and Scary Podcast

Editor’s Note: This post originally ran on September 18th, but we have now updated it to include the podcast we did on the book last night (October 23rd) The team with the best record in baseball, by a substantial margin, is the Boston Red Sox at 103-47. Naturally, they’re a very good bet to represent … Added by: paulbanks05Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: boston red sox chicago cubs history mlb politics social issues Added On: 2018-10-25 [Read entire story]

Red Sox knock out Clayton Kershaw in victory over Dodgers

Game 1 of the World Series lasted 3 hours, 52 minutes, featured 12 pitchers and 24 position players, totaled 308 pitches and included more strikeouts (24) than hits (19).Added by: joeeeViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox Los_Angeles_Dodgers world series eduardo nunez Added On: 2018-10-24 [Read entire story]

Red Sox were warned by Indians about Astros attempting to steal signs and information

The Boston Red Sox were warned that a man credentialed by the Houston Astros might try to steal signs or…Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox Houston_Astros Added On: 2018-10-17 [Read entire story]

Who will become the AL Champion: Boston Red Sox or Houston Astros ?

Boston Red Sox Houston Astros Added by: mikeymomoAdded On: 2018-10-12 07:49:16 [Read entire story]

Yankees-Red Sox will play in postseason series for first time since classic 2004 comeback

Fourteen years later, the greatest comeback in sports history finally gets its sequel.Added by: joeeeViewed: 14 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox New_York_Yankees the liam hendriks luis severino Added On: 2018-10-04 [Read entire story]

Red Sox-Astros ALCS Schedule

All games on TBS with Brian Anderson, Ron Darling and Lauren Shehadi.Added by: crowesnestViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: hinch alcs alex cora american league astros championship series chris sale martinez jose altuve justin verlander red sox Added On: 2018-10-11 [Read entire story]

ALDS Game 4 Red Sox survive vs Yankees advance to ALCS

Yankee Stadium, asleep for eight innings, resigned to what seemed like the inevitability of the Boston Red Sox coming into the Bronx and ending the New York Yankees’ season, awoke in the ninth inning. Runners were everywhere.Added by: joeeeViewed: 2 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Boston_Red_Sox New_York_Yankees Added On: 2018-10-10 [Read entire story]

rockies verse brewers?

rockies brewers Added by: mryankeeAdded On: 2018-10-04 15:10:42 [Read entire story]

braves verse dodgers/

braves dodgers Added by: mryankeeAdded On: 2018-10-04 15:12:34 [Read entire story]

yankees verse redsox?

yankees redsox Added by: mryankeeAdded On: 2018-10-04 15:15:24 [Read entire story]

indians verse astros?

indians astros Added by: mryankeeAdded On: 2018-10-04 15:16:44 [Read entire story]

Full Red Sox-Yankees ALDS Schedule – All in PrimeTime

No surprise here that MLB and TBS have the Red Sox and Yankees ALDS all in primetime!Added by: crowesnestViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: alds baseball mlb playoffs red sox yankees Added On: 2018-10-05 [Read entire story]

ALDSNLDS Game 1 and 2 start times

Don’t forget to add “The Crowe’s Nest” to your RSS Feeds.Added by: crowesnestViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: astros athletics braves brewers cubs dodgers indians mlb playoffs red sox rockies yankees Added On: 2018-10-04 [Read entire story]

NL wild card Rockies outlast Cubs in extras will play Brewers in NLDS

Despair mutated into euphoria, and euphoria settled into nervousness, and nervousness morphed back into despair, and by the time the emotional madness of the longest win-or-go-home game in baseball history ended, those crammed into Wrigley Field could only feel resignation.Added by: joeeeViewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: Chicago_Cubs Cleveland_Indians Colorado_Rockies Milwaukee_Brewers the Added On: 2018-10-03 [Read entire story]

Eamus Catuli Sounds Very Sexual but here’s the Actual Meaning

(UPDATE: Eamus Catuli RESET to ZERO!!!!! Chicago Cubs win World Series!!!! Here’s a link depicting life at Wrigley Field Ground Zero when the big moment occurred) Eamus Catuli the billboard on a Sheffield Avenue rooftop reads, along with the letters AC and then the numbers 0871108. What I’ve been waiting to see for decades, dreamt … Added by: paulbanks05Viewed: 0 time(s)Tags/Keywords: chicago cubs Added On: 2018-10-02 [Read entire story]

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